Presenting The All New Beau Joie Champagne Bottled in Solid Copper

The world of exquisite and delightful champagnes is so vast and endless that, it had made just about every champagne enthusiast develop his or her own taste and liking. There are numerous brands and types of champagnes that famous all over the world and considered to be vital for any celebration of a party. Keeping in tune with the popularity of the champagne, here is yet another exciting and eclectic luxury champagne that is to be launched in Las Vegas, Nevada this month.

Developed by Toast Spirits, the incredible Beau Joie champagne is not only a delight for the taste buds, but also for the eyes, this luxury champagne comes in a bottle encased in a 100% copper, hand-crafted outer shell. The Beau Joie is being introduced with its very own motto of ‘Tonight’s the Knight’ and the this exquisite beverage is made from 60 % Pinot Noir and 40 % Chardonnay derived from the finest grapes of Epernay, France and the entire composition of the champagne is devoid of any added sugars, that have in fact become a standard ingredient in other champagnes. The copper shelled bottle serves to keep the Beau Joie colder for extended periods of time and at the same time provides a more sustained grip on the bottle while opening and serving.

According to Jon Deitelbaum (CEO, Toast Spirits),

“BEAU is a statement-making luxury champagne unlike anything previously available. “Infusing qualities like romance, chivalry and fun into a stagnant champagne category, BEAU presents consumers an unparalleled luxury experience. The allure and sexiness of the product is unmistakable, and its price point delivers obtainable luxury. When you order a bottle of BEAU, expect heads to turn.”

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  • I dig it… very rock & roll. But I live in Miami, so someone send me a bottle asap! :)

  • Curious to see what market takes ownership of the brand. It seems like it could cross several categories and will definitely resonate with the “cool kid” crowd

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