Now a tap that turns on and off with merely a touch

One gets to see more and more hi-tech and beautiful bathroom fixtures in the market these days. Long gone are the days when one had to manually shut the tap on and off. Cause now the Zen static tap is here! These innovative taps feature touch-control, which means that one just has to touch the screen, and voila! The water is running with one touch and stops with another.

Though I personally did not find the usual taps all too cumbersome, however this definitely sounds very high-tech. The Zen static tap is the offering of Sanitary Ware Co. and has even won the 2009 China Red Star Design Award. Apart from the touch-control operation, this futuristic tap also has a light indicator that flashes different colours according to the temperature.

For those, who are a bit absent minded or so busy that they sometimes forget to turn off the tap, this intelligent tap comes with an automatic shut-off feature. The look is very sleek and modern. The screen on the tap will surely look really cool. My only problem is whether such a tap will last or not. Water and touch screen don’t seem to go together.


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