Say Bye Bye to your bulky water coolers, as the Ovopur is here!

I am truly amazed at what product designers are coming up with, these days. They have successfully transformed functional units, which never complimented the milieu, into works of art! The Ovopur water cooler is another addition to that list. This creation from Aquaovo, really looks splendid. Unlike the bulky and not to mention aesthetically challenged designs of the previous water coolers, this one is designed to look no less than a show piece!

As they say, curves are always better than lines. Avopur makes use of curves and has no right angles. But do not just look at it’s beauty. This water cooler is better in functionality as well. The round shape enhances the flow of water. It also does not use electricity to enable the water flow. It uses the good old gravity.

At par with the eco friendly designs of the day, this water cooler is made of recyclable or recycled parts. This includes the filter cartridge as well that can be used again and again- just return them to the store, and get a new one at a discounted rate. It is available in different colours and also floor and countertop styles. You can get it for around $895.

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