JetStar Planning To Incorporate Apple iPad As In-Flight Entertainment System

JetStar, which is an Australian budget airlines of Qantas Airways has now announced that, it is currently planning to run a trial test of the incredibly famous Apple iPad as the airline’s inflight entertainment system. This latest revelation is one of the many proposed substitutions by with Apple iPad of the present inflight entertainment systems being considered by numerous airlines.

As per the trial program, JetStar will charge its passengers $8.40 for the use of the iPad and the passengers will be able to access numerous entertainment options such as movies, books, games and television programs. However, due to stringent company policies, JetStar will keep Internet browsing capabilities of the iPad disabled. As per the statement released by the company, JetStar has so far brought numerous Apple iPads and these devices will be available to the passengers on flights that have a duration of more than ninety minutes. The use of the iPad as a in flight entertainment system hasn’t come as a shock to the passengers or the aviation industry, as these devices are known to be extremely popular in just about ever commercial sector.

After the launch of the iPad, Apple Inc. recorded an incredible one million units sale in just one month and one of the most lucrative verticals, the hospitality industry, has already begun offering iPads to their guests for the duration of their stay.

According to Bruce Buchanan (CEO, JetStar),

“Given the demand for the iPad so far, I anticipate it will have strong appeal amongst our passengers. Based on demand for the iPads as part of the trial, we’ll be looking to roll out the devices across our entire domestic and international network later in the year.”

Via USA Today

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