Dassault Falcon 7X Business Jet Now Available For Charter Via Air Partner

For those of you, whose professional lives revolve around high level corporate meetings and last minute appointments, there is a great news! One of the foremost military and civilian aircraft manufacturer, Dassault, has come out with an all new corporate jet called, Falcon 7X, which is now available to charter from Air Partner. This incredibly gorgeous and fast machine is the successor to the legendary Falcon 900 corporate jet.

The all new Dassault Falcon 7X is one of the most advanced and incredibly fast civilian planes in the world and the 7X has been given’s the company’s incredibly reliable fly by wire (FBW) flight control system. The Falcon 7X has a maximum cruising ceiling of 51,000 feet, there by giving it the highest operational altitude among other aircrafts of this size. The 7X cruises at 560 miles per hour and provides its passengers with the best in corporate amenities and personal luxury. This incredible flying machines comes with 12 plush leather VIP seats along with sophisticated in-flight entertainment systems.

The Air Partner charter prices for Falcon 7X are as follows:

  • Moscow to Washington D.C.:           $195,947.
  • Moscow to San Francisco:                $ 244,866.
  • Moscow to Tokyo:                               $220,356.
  • Moscow to Hong Kong:                     $214,235.
  • Moscow to Seychelles:                      $195,947.

Via Air Partner

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