Audi comes out with a foosball table!

Ok I don’t know who decide to design a foosball table at Audi. Some designer probably unwinds by designing games rather than playing them. But we can keep guessing. Anyway, so by now it must have dawned upon you that the luxury car manufacturer has come up with a foosball table. The design had been unveiled some time back, but now it is being translated into reality by entering production.

Considering that whatever Audi does is very rare and exclusive, even this gaming table will be available in a limited edition; 20 pieces to be precise. A specialist firm called Leonhart has been roped in to manufacture these soccer tables. I just mentioned the exclusive nature of Audi products, and now let me also tell the very expensive nature of Audi products. We all know that their cars are not exactly what even a millionaire would call cheap.

These people it seems don’t believe in breaking the tradition of pricing their manufactures sky high. Even this table will cost you a hefty €12,900 ($16,000). So it is obvious that it is not for us mortals. But those who are filthy rich and love the brand can shell out the bucks to get it for your gaming pleasure.

Via: AutoBlog

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