A football jersey for £2.3 million! Any takers?

Ok I don’t get this but how can a shirt sell for millions. And that to a shirt, which doesn’t even have any jems or other embellishments on it to push up the price. No the shirt we are talking about was worn by Sir Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup final. Gosh! Must be smelly then! But that hasn’t stopped its current owner, property developer Andrew Leslau to put it up for sale at a mindblowing price of £2.3 million.

This shirt had been auctioned by Christis’s in 2000 for £91,750, and was sold once again later on. The shirt of this sort that holds the price record is Pele’s jersey worn in Brazil’s 1970 World Cup victory. Leslau got hold of this shirt in 2008, and got it insured for £1 million. The current owner had initially planned to merely display it at Harrods during the FIFA World Cup, but changed his mind when he got lots of inquiries.

Though it is currently at the Harrods store, where it will be till June 14, Leslau plans to sell it for the astronomical amount. I agree that it holds historic value for being part of that shining moment for England. But I have my doubts whether it will be able to fetch that kind of price. But then again, football fanatics are crazy and some of them happen to be filthy rich as well.

Via: TimesOnline

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