Kazakhstan to build an Indoor City to cut the cold

Kazakhstan is famous or shall I say infamous due to the Borat movie. But let me burst the bubble for many people out there; it was all fiction! The country which was earlier a part of USSR, is not all that backward as it was portrayed to be. Infact you will say that it is far from it when you come to know the following news. Ok so the country’s capital city, Astana, happens to be the second coldest national capital in the world. The people however apparently have become tired of the biting cold.

Hence has emerged the idea of creating an indoor city that will have regulated temperatures. This project quite unimaginatively called Indoor City is based on the lines of Dubai. The city will be 2km in circumference, and will have a lake, palm trees, Venetian inspired houses, and even gondolas! This city will be able to house 20,000 people. Top architects from all over the world including Italy’s Manfredi Nicoletti, Japan’s Kisho Kurokawa, and Norman Foster have been invited to come up with designs.

Meanwhile, a Turkish construction company Sembol, has already started constructing an indoor park that will include an indoor beach, a water park, and a shopping and entertainment complex.

Via: Telegraph

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