Eau De Stade: A perfume that smells like a stadium (not sure whether we want to smell like that)

These days anything sells, as long as you market it well. Who would have thought that one would come up with a perfume that smells like a stadium! Those who have been to a match would know and for those who don’t let me tell you that thousands of sweaty bodies don’t exactly smell nice. But let us not underestimate those football fanatics. They will buy anything that is even remotely associated with the World Cup.

Sky+HD has come out with Eau De Stade, that has especially been created for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. And it is the lovely Rachel Stevens that will be the face of this perfume. The television broadcaster has developed the scent to be worn while watching the nail biting matches, which will be broadcasted in high definition by Sky. John Bailey of The Perfumers Guild created this scent, which uses essential oils brought from South Africa. They include hints of sea breeze, a wiff of fresh grass, and ofcourse a bit of sweat odour.

Though I wouldn’t be too crazy about buying this perfume, but one can try it out to see whether it is as obnoxious as it sounds. Who knows, we might be wrong! It adorns a price tag of $19.99, and is available for a limited time period at Soccer Scene’s World Cup pop-up store located in central London.

Via: BrandRepublic , NST Perfume

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