Do your office work and burn calories at the same time!

Hardly any one of us wants to exercise. I know I am getting a lot of nods. I mean seriously, who would hit the gym after a hard days work. We are mentally exhausted with all the work, the boss has nagged us to our wit’s end and we would rather hit the bed rather than the treadmill. But we all always aspire for that lean and mean body.

Many people have tried to come up with devices that will enable us to work, and burn those calories at the same time. But alas! Hardly any of them work. Now the SkyMall has brought out the Trekdesk Treadmill Desk that claims to pull you out of your woes. Now let me describe how this thing actually works. As the name suggests, it is a hybrid of a desk and a treadmill.

Looking at the picture, you will see that above your regular treadmill is a desk attached. This desk includes four levels for storing your files, a phone tray, a manuscript stand, and a holder that could hold cups or anything else like pens. I am still not convinced as to whether one would be able to manage exercising and working at the same time. I mean c’mon! Writing can’t be so easy while running.

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  • It works. I have a TrekDesk treadmill desk. You do not run, you walk slowly about 1-2 mph throughout the day. Works great and I feel great too.

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