Your beloved pet dog can now have its own mansion!

Who said a dog’s life was bad. I think we need to erase that phrase from the English language, as seeing the life canine’s lead today, it doesn’t seem bad at all. The trend started with celebrities who carried their pets like some sort of prized accessories. And just like those expensive accessories, even the dogs were pretty blinged up.

You had the designer clothing, designer leashes, and what not. I mean there were Swarovski encrusted ones as well! I mean c’mon! Even humans don’t get to have all that! Now another new trend that might pick is that of fashionable house for those fluffy things. The latest Dog Mansions that will cost you around €1,900-€2,950; roughly $2,325-$3,600, will let your dogs live in opulence.

These canine mansions are made of the finest materials such as varnished wood, break proof glass, and what not. They are also engraved with a special serial number and are delivered with a customized certificate. These palatial abode’s come in many designs: The Alabama Dog Mansion has imposing pillars and wide entrance area; The above Cubix looks very chic and modern with its glass make; The Fairytale Mansion actually looks like a miniature pink palace. Customers can also get especially customised houses for their pets.

Via: BestFriendsHome

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