The Quism lets you have dinner with your family miles apart

This is definitely an ideal gadget for those who like to have dinner with their family. Quite often due to travelling, one is not able to do that. But fret no more. Team Synergy’s Quism is an interesting device that enables you to sit miles away from your loved ones and still get to have dinner with them. I must say that there have been many impressive developments in the world of kitchen appliances. Modular kitchens with more and more mobility and features keep on popping up in the markets. And now this futuristic gadget.

Designed to look like a desk with a screen, this interactive cooking platform features tele-cooking, tele-dining, and lets you share recipes as well. Users can select from two modes: dining and cooking. The Quism’s induction cook top makes use of dehumidifier technology that is able to generate its own water reservoir by condensing the moisture in the air. I wonder if it could be used otherwise as a dehumidifier as well.

Doesn’t take too much space as well. The body is simple yet elegant, and looks like something from the future. Wife angry due to your frequent trips? Enjoy a virtual dinner with her now with Team Energy’s Quism.

Via: ElectroluxSilver

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