Pennsylvania tourism board collaborates with Foursquare

Foursquare, the location-based social networking site has had many collaborations with big names such as Pepsi, Marc Jacobs, numerous newspapers, all of whom have made use of the site’s services. The next big name is infact a state! Yes, you heard that right. The tourism board of Pennsylvania, VisitPA, has hooked up with Foursquare in order to give the tourists a taste of the Pennsylvania culture.

What they have planned is that the visitors will get special badges whenever they visit certain important places. The Foursquare website has listed a whopping hundred sites that will earn you these badges by “checking in” over there. Each badge represents some important aspect of the state’s rich and diverse culture. The best thing about this promotional exercise I think is that tourists will get to know the places where they should go if they want to bask in Pennsylvania’s culture. Another add on is that they will also get a sort of memento of their visit to show back home.

Some of the sites listed on the website are: Reyer’s Shoe Store, which happens to be the world’s largest shoe store; The Railroaders Memorial Museum; The James to get a taste of the award winning chefs delectable dishes. Check out the Foursquare website for many more interesting hotspots.

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