New York’s 4Food restaurant is a techie’s paradise

This will probably interest the foodie techies (I am not sure how many there are of that breed). Rex Sorgatz has come up with a restaurant called 4Food that is scheduled to be inaugurated on July6 at the 40th and Madison in Midtown, NYC. There are some very interesting features of this restaurant.

The first feature is that it is an organic ingredients only fast food joint. Not that uncommon you would say. But here is the twist- they serve burgers with holes in them that can be filled with things like hummus, salsa, chilli, veggie etc etc. There is a wide choice amongst 40 such “scoops”. The man behind the restaurant says, “People will be encouraged to create their orders online. Customers who create accounts on the website will be given simple customization offers that can produce millions of outcomes. Once a food choice is created, the customer can schedule a pick-up time. If the customer chooses to name their creation (“The Yoko Ono Burger”), they can market it and receive $.25 in store credit for every customized burger they sell.”

People will also be able to order through a kiosk, where waiters will take orders on iPads. Sounds cool!

Via: MidTownLunch , Gawker

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