The new hip WeSC headphones..rock your way into summers….

WeSC recently released a new collection of headphones for nearly every music lover. We are the Superlative Conspiracy better known as WeSC is famous for knowing the importance of good sounding headphones.

The headphones are both fashionable and technologically advanced. Greher Hagelin, the CEO of the company said that many of their workers work with music and it is very important part of their lifestyle. So it was apparent that they should create something that would help accommodate this aspect.

WeSC headphones can be brought in five different models. They are available in variety of colors and are in sync with each seasonal collection. The different styles are DJ Steve Aoki pro, premium, street, in- ear and classic. They differ in the sensitivity, appearance and few other aspects.

DJ Steve Aoki Pro has 57mm pro drivers, 1khz sensitivity:119 db. Weighs 354 g

Premium has 40mm power drivers, 1khz sensitivity:120 db. Weighs 147 g.

Street has 30 mm power drivers, 1khz sensitivity: 120 db. Weighs 143 g.

In-Ear has 9mm drivers, 1 khz sensitivity. Weighs 13 g.

Classic has 15mm drivers, 1 khz sensitivity: 109 db. Weighs 18 g.

All of these headphones look very trendy and hip. You can rock them anywhere and impress people around you. Way to beat the heat!

via freshnessmag, wesc

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