Keep A Watch On Your Kids

These days parents are the most sacred lot. Their children demand freedom in not so polite words which they have to grant invariably. So while the young ones are out to party, enjoy with their friends and live life without any restrictions, their parents are left scared and concerned at home. In fact most of them keep looking at the watch, till their loved ones knock on the door. But now they can stop looking at their old watch and get this new watch phone with GPS.

This 800 G watch phone is capable of SMS and GPRS tracking, that is you can find the person with text message or internet. Extremely easy to use you can employ the google satellite or google map by PC and Cell phone to real timely locate the object, be it your kid, his car, pet, bag and so on. Moreover the moment your child speeds up, this phone will send an alarm to you. Such that you can keep a watch on his rash driving even from home.

It has an SOS number for immediate help. Also you can store three alarm numbers in it, and press any one as needed. When you call this number, you will receive position information including a link, and if your mobile supports GPRS function, you can enter this link to check your position by Google map real time. A boon for the worried parents, this phone can successfully keep a watch on the rowdy bunch.

Via easyman/crunchgear

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