Reusable Plastic Pouches Holds your Alcohol Without Letting Others Know

Booze is hailed to be one euphoring substance without which parties can never come to life that can pep-up a party mood or cool you down when you are @#$% bricks. So we got enough reasons to hold a small reservoir of it either in our car or your bag.  But people are judgmental and holding your little stash of sinful liquid could create a bit of situation.So the Reusable Booze Pouches is just the kind of flask one could think of. At the first instance, it does look like a mini hot water bag but if you had to suddenly get rid of it, it wouldn’t hurt that much. Unlike expensive souvenir like flasks, these wouldn’t be so expensive and also less of a setback in case you had to helplessly toss it on the garbage can. Also, this can double as something that can help you sneak a swallow of alcohol in places where it isn’t allowed.

the enlarged version of the image renderings suggest the any word synonymous to booze isn’t written across its face, so this one’s a safe bet. Teetotalers can also use these liquid storage pouches to keep lemonade, fruit drinks or energy drinks handy.

Via: TrendHunter

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