Limited Edition Ardbeg Supernova to Be Launched on May 31

If you liked the Ardbeg Supernova single-malt whisky you sure would love their latest edition which is a limited edition malt. It would be released on May 31, which is just a few days away. Ardbeg master distiller Dr. Bill Lumsden reveals that the Supernova 2 comes with a 120.2 proof and it costs nearly $115. Read about Turgesius here.

The taste is said to be deeper and would take you to the rugged mountains of Scotland. It sure would be great to have a Supernova in your cupboard always, but since it is limited edition malt, you might want to buy a few more bottles than just a couple of them. It is expected to have one of the best tastes and it would be amazing to go ahead and get this bottle when you still can.

The funny thing about limited edition whiskies is that they are hardly available and when you do have a bottle you would not like to share it with anyone, and even if you do, you might just not want to drink it up and spend it away. Well, in any case, it would be a great idea to go ahead and buy the Supernova 2 when you still can. So go ahead and do it!

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