The famous Harry’s Bar and Restaurent Mindy’s at the New York Helmsley Hotel undergo a makeover

Some people earn so much name and reputation in their lifetime that even after their death, their identity and whatever is associated with it stays. The same is the case with the late Leona Helmsly. Some us know her for the much publicised will that she had written for her beloved dog, giving it millions of dollars. But the woman had built a formidable brand in her lifetime.

Making use of that name, the New York Helmsley Hotel has launched a new restaurant called Leona’s. The restaurant previously known by the name Mindy’s has been refurbished to celebrate the art deco neighbourhood. The renaming can be considered a commemoration of the great lady’s legacy. Keeping up with the elegance and grandeur of the hotel, the restaurant looks lovely with its blue flooring, and brown and white onyx colour palette. The lighting is soft and soothing, and the ceiling is vaulted.

The menu has some delectable classics such as like Crab Cakes, Caprese Salad, Sesame-Crusted Tuna and Veal Tenderloin Napolean, made by the Executive Chef Brian Wieler and his excellent team. The entrees are priced quite reasonably at $21 – $29. The famous Harry’s Bar at the hotel has also undergone a makeover.

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