Ride Your Own Eco Friendly Water Craft

Since five years Siveira group is busy working on a unique PWC called Green Samba which will be ready by August this year. Positioned as a personal water craft, it has a similar straight line 65 mph performance of the fastest 260 bhp sit-down PWCs, combined with handling and agility much more than a stand-up PWC.

What’s more true to its name, that is Green Samba, it takes care of the ecosystem around it. It uses twin direct drive electric propulsion pods, which prevents the direct emission of  hydrocarbons like, CO2 or NO2 and other noxious gases into the pristine marine world. Also unlike the other PWCs, Green Samba does not produce the loud sound while moving. Thus offering a sense of relief to the innocent creatures with extremely sensitive hearing abilities. So now you can say no to noise pollution and restore the peaceful environment at the beach with your own water craft.

In the last few years, Silviera group which is a design and composites company founded by Rodrigo and Kristen Silveira had been really occupied with producing a high performance green watercraft. They had already made four prototypes before Green Samba came into picture. Thus this result of intensive research and hard work that will definitely appeal to the environmentalists, special military forces, and marine enthusiasts. After all with a speed of 65 mph and a range of more than three hours, the Green Samba is truly a super ride. So get ready to rule the water this year.

Via gizmag/ ubergizmo

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