Fight Crime Gotham Knight Style With The All New Custom Built Batpod

Remember the time when the Batman topples an entire semi-truck just with his Batpod motorcycle in the Hollywood blockbuster, the Dark Knight? Well, since then, almost every die hard cape crusader fan has been longing for such a bike, to fight crimes and ride in style. Now, finally the wait is over, as the over a eBay, a real life and completely working replica of the Batpod is up for grabs. The all new 2011 Custom Built Motorcycles Batpod is available for a ‘Buy Now’ offer of a staggering $100,000 or the interested users can even bid on this one of a kind, incredible motorcycle.

The all new 2011 Custom Built Motorcycles Batpod has been designed and developed to replicate the one driven in the movie to the minutest of details. The body of the Batpod including the covers and arm guards, are made from high tensile strength fiberglass and the bike is powered by an incredible 4 stroke, water cooled engine, producing 650cc of raw engine output. The all new Batpod also features grappling hooks, grenade launchers and 50 caliber machine guns, but don’t let them race your heart, they are just for show. As this replica is a completely functional model, the bike will be sold with one of the chains removed, thereby rendering it non-functional. However, the buyer has been given the option of reattaching the chain, so as to drive the Batpod, but at his or her own risk.

The entire 2011 Custom Built Motorcycles Batpod has been the result of over two months of research and took several months for the development. The Batpod has been deemed unfit for the streets and is termed as street illegal, but the manufacturer of this awesome vehicle is willing to make it street legal for an additional fee.

Via Uncrate

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  • This bike is for sale on with bigger, better pictures too. It is on the front page there. Great attention to detail. Nice work gents! Cheers!

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