Casino Chips Are The New Collector’s Items

After decades of collecting stamps, postcards, coins, tickets and so on, the new craze is old casino chips. Yes, these chips are not just valuable while playing but can fetch you big bucks long after the game is over. Sin city plays with millions of casino chips every hour, but there are just four left of the $5 denomination chip from the Sands Hotel and Casino. It depicts a cowgirl leaning on an hourglass, a famous Vegas Casino logo and now one of them is being auctioned at Heritage Auction Galleries of Texas, Dallas. Its estimated price is $33,000.

Similarly other chips with a long and unique history are out there to mint some money. Like the fancy 1946 die-cut $5 chip with brass inlay from the opening of Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel. One of the major highlights of the show, it is estimated at $4,000. Also, a 1950s era $5 chip from the Desert Inn depicting the face of casino executive Wilbur Clark is expected to sell for $4,000 or more. Undoubtedly these chips are far less expensive than the Sand chips, but that’s not without a reason. The Sand chips are highly exclusive today, with just four left in the entire world.

The auction will begin on May 22, 2010 where sin city lovers can collect these historic chips. The most amazing part of collecting this item is the intriguing history attached to every piece, where you invariably become a part of it by owning one.

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