The Devon Tread1 watch has a computer inside it!

The Devon Tread 1 is an exquisite timepiece, both in terms of its looks as well as the technology. But this is no ordinary watch. It has more in common with a robot than a watch. This watch consists of motors, a small computer, and electronics. Sounds cool, doesn’t it!

Tread 1 uses a conveyer belt under the screen to tell time. There are belts for hour, minute and seconds, in which the conveyer belt showing second moves in a ticking manner. Due to its uniqueness, it might seem a bit difficult to tell time but once you know which box stands for what, you will have no worries. This watch unlike other traditional watches that use spring powered mechanical movements uses an electric motor. It has a battery as well as a tiny computer to ensure that the time piece runs properly.

One hitch here is that it will have to be recharged. Most other electronic watches in the market don’t need a frequent battery change. The Devon Tread 1 however will need one every few days. All this doesn’t make it fit for regular use. However those who can deal with these drawbacks and still appreciate it’s novelty must check it out. Adorning a price tag of $15,000, this watch will mostly interest the wealthy geeks out there.

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