Wall Mounted Foldable Compact Sigmafocus Barbecue Design is Magical

Even though there are range of modern microwave ovens to grill and bake but nothing can replace the traditional barbecue and all the outdoor food and fun.  For the hardcore outdoor barbecue people Focus Fireplace has a range of innovative and interesting modern barbecue designs.  Here is wall mounted compact barbecue which can be attached to any garden wall and it folds and unfolds very easily like some magic grill.

Sigmafocus is a circular compact wall mounted charcoal barbecue consisting of foldable steel grill which flips down easily and folds up again. With such a wall mounted barbecue in your garden one can grill awesome delights outdoors very often without worrying about clearing ash every time for this design has ample room for ash so that barbecue can be used number of times.  Moreover the wall attachment protects the wall from heat, smoke and grime, so this is indeed stylish magic grill with fewer worries about ash, heat and smoke.

Focus Fireplace is a France based company which has been designing different kinds of fireplaces for nearly 40 years and it has won many awards and accolades for their line of cool barbecue units.  Check out Focus Fireplace website for their range of products. If you are interested in modern stylish line of products then take a look at Arren William’s blog.

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