Ferrari’s Famous Winning Engine F2002 Is on Sale!

Here is good news for all Formula1 racing, racing cars and Micheal Schumaker fans, the famous winning engine F2002 which won Schumaker his 5th Pilot title and Scuderia Ferrari the 4th Manufacturer title is on sale at Ferrari store for $70,000. One cannot deny that engine design and power of Ferrari play a huge role in keeping them and Michael Schumaker ahead in all races.

Ferrari is another name of luxury, style and power and no wonder they are offering their power packed specially designed F2002 for whopping price because those who love cars and machines know the true value of the winning engine design – it is priceless. F2002 molded engine was made from specially processed steel block after much research on preliminary analysis and design. Only limited number of serial number of this engine edition has been manufactured.

If you are into speed driving and want to zip past and add more speed, power to your life then visit Ferrari Store to get this engine. Needless to add that it is the man behind the wheels has to manipulate controls and use the engine power responsibly for there is more to life than speed and racing.

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