Abu Dhabi Gets an ATM Machine that Dispenses Pure Gold

Many decades ago, an ATM machine was considered sort of a novelty. However there isn’t a bank now that does not offer ATM facilities to its clients. How would you like it if you could withdraw gold coins or bars of gold instead of currency notes? Usually gold is the most stable metal and its price usually augments but never falls down.

The said ATM which dispenses pure gold is called Gold to go and has been developed by a German. It is installed at the Kempinski Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. One of these machines was also found in Frankfurt Airport a year ago. So if you are planning to purchase bullion, you might as well go to Abu Dhabi and use the ATM to get gold.

Now, it is more like a vending machine than an ATM I suppose, for your bank account may not be linked to it anyway. Thus, to say that it is an ATM machine would be farfetched. When you visit Abu Dhabi, you could go ahead and buy a couple of golden coins from this machine as a souvenir to loved ones at home. This sure is going to be a crowd puller in the arid Arab city.

Via: NY Times

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