The world’s most expensive stamp costs a whopping $7.4million!

It is beyond me that some stamps are valued at sky high prices. We have come across auctions where those little old pieces of paper have fetched hundreds of thousand of dollars. And here comes the mother of all stamp auctions. Though it is a little hard to digest for me, and I am sure for several others, but a stamp has gone under the hammer for atleast £5million ($7.4 million)! Now, here is one stamp I would definitely not use in a letter.

That lucky stamp is a 1855 Treskilling Yellow Swedish stamp, and the funny thing about it is that it wasn’t even supposed to be yellow! Now if all mistakes were valued so much, then the world would be very very different! This stamp has broken the record of the most expensive stamp. The title was previously held by the $331,000 Chinese stamp of the Qing dynasty.

The auction will take place in Switzerland, and before that it will be on display at the Festival of Stamps in Islington, London. The stamp also happens to be the most valuable item in the world as per weight, as it is merely 0.03 grams, but has a $14million insurance on it. I guess I should start collecting stamps now.

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