Super Fun: A coffee table that is also a gaming arcade!

Now here is a table that is gonna make music and retro gaming fans drool. The company Surface Tension has come out with a contemporary coffee table That also works like a gaming arcade! The table has a powerful and fully upgradeable Shuttle PC, that is cleverly concealed beneath a screen. There also is a unique control panel.

Not only does it look good, it also has myriad features. Apart from the gaming features, it also has wireless internet service, which enables you to share photos, watch movies and play as many arcade games as you want. Every table comes with a WiFi adaptor, 100 games, extra long mains cable, and an instructions manual. The Apple Airport Express, for wireless audio streaming, and also the Logitech diNovo wireless keyboard can be bought separately but will arrive pre configured on the system.

It wil have 2 sets of control and a 2×6 button-player interface. Sanwa joysticks and intuitive game selection interface add to the ease and the fun. Games can also be paused and the volume varied, with separate buttons for these functions. The coffee table is available in two designs and three finishes.

These funtable are pre-installed with Taito Legends, Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe and Atari Anniversary Edition. This table is useful and fun at the same time. Would be a great gift for the kids. And it will cost £2799.


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