Sotheby auctions a martini glass made of gold!

Charity these days garners most of its money from auctions. The items on these auctions vary greatly. They range from internships, to vintage items and now martini glasses! Yes, you read it right. Sotheby in collaboration with the British gin distillery Bombay Sapphire, held an auction on May11, 2010, where exclusive martini glasses were auctioned.

The auction was held at the coffee house of the Palazzo Colona in Rome, and the noble cause behind this event was to raise funds for cancer research. The auction featured 19 exquisitely designed martini glasses, that were the creations of some of the most talented and innovative designers on the globe.

The most enigmatic one amongst the gorgeous glasses was the “Chalice”. It looks more like a showpiece rather than a glass. Created by the great Australian designer Peter Crisp, it is ornate in appearance and is made from 22 ct gold, platinum, and 226 light blue sapphires. The height of this beauty is the same as a 750 ml Bombay Sapphire gin bottle.

The works of the creator of this piece are so well known that many celebrities and even the Queen have his collections. His collaboration with Bombay Sapphire goes back to 2000. The martini glass is priced at $25,000. That sure is one expensive glass!

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