Tato bicycles come with a central storage system to hold your belongings

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This holds true for designer Jean-Louis Francescotti, who used to ride to work almost daily on his bicycle. But he felt that there was a need to come up with something that would enable him to transport his laptop and files in an easier way. And so he designed a frame with an inbuilt storage compartment that was attached to the main triangle in the bicycle frame. He christened this ride as Tato bicycle.
He says that, “Tato bicycles are based on the CSSB system (Central Storage System for Bicycles): a new bicycle concept. The volume for transport is centrally located, easy to access, and protects well-transported objects. The position of the objects lowers the center of gravity, improving the stability of the vehicle.When riding a bicycle, how should you transport your belongings? A backpack makes you sweat and hurts your back. Rear and front carriers make your bike difficult to ride and park. But the CSSB system, which is integrated into the structure of the bike frame, does not have these inconveniences. The rider is freed from any weight on his or her body. No need to use accessories to secure items, they are simply inserted from the top and do not require any attachment. They are closer to the center of the bicycle and to the ground, making the ride safer.”
Though the knee clearance is compromised a bit, but its other benifits can overshadow this little glitch. The price of this bike is $1,450, plus shipment charges.

Via: BicycleDesign

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