Clipper CS-1 can revolutionize modern office space

Designers these days are pushing the limits and coming up with spectacular designs that are way ahead of their times. The Clipper CS-1 happens to be one of them. It is a cocoon like workstation created for CAD workers. The interesting part about this design is that it was made way back in the 90’s, when even computers were a rarity!

The opaque side screens reduce screen reflections while letting plenty of natural light come through. They also provide much better privacy as compared to an open cubicle. Designed by Douglas Ball and Jeff Sokalski, the capsule office is made of plywood and plastic on a Lexan powder-coated steel frame with a fibreglass seat sporting leather upholstery having customised footrests, extendable sidewing tables and its own air supply.

Designed as part of a Herman Miller study with the aim of improving office cubicle spaces and around 100 were built, one of which is now in the permanent collection at The Museum of Design in London. This design was built for the future in the 90’s. Now in the 21st century, that future is here. Hence, the Clipper should be brought out from the museum and into the modern office spaces.

Via: ShedWorking , DVice

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  • The design of this cubicle looks really fun, I’m just wondering is there really an office with this kind of cubicle?.

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