Imposing Mirabella 5 Changes People’s Opinions About Yachts

If you are fond of yachts and boats, you might have always wanted to own the best in the block or rather, the best in the docks. If that is the case, you should read about what Joseph Vittoria, aged 74 bought just recently. He bought the Mirabella 5 which is the largest sloop in the world and is now jointly owned by Joseph and his wife Luciana Vittoria.

They are former residents of Greenwich and they brought the boat to Greenwich Harbour on the 3rd of May, 2010. He built the world’s largest single-masted sailing yacht and it was no ordinary deal. The yacht measures 247 feet and is a sight that is worth watching. It would soon leave Greenwich and would stop at Naples, Italy, and Porto Cervo, in Sardinia.

The boat comes with two swimming pools and there is also enough storage space for everything that you might want to keep. They did run into engineering hurdles but finally they overcame it all and now it is one of the best yachts ever. The ship was built by VT Shipbuilding in Southampton, England. Mirabella V can reach 20 knots and is much more powerful than many power boats. It is an astounding example of shipbuilding.

Via: Greenwich Time

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