Cagnina Design brings to us the kitchen of the future!

Real estate prices are soaring and even finding a decent enough space to sleep has become a costly affair. In this dearth of space, it becomes very important to have space saving furniture and appliances. The people at Cagnina Design’s realize that and have come up with amazing designs that solve your space problems. Though the market has become flooded with futuristic technologies, there are few like Cagnina Design’s latest kitchen, which integrates kitchen appliances such as sink, oven, dishwasher, trash, cooler, freezer and even furniture into one simple yet fully functional kitchen unit.

‘Go Kitchen’ and ‘Cucina Kitchen Island’ are the names of their latest models. The space saving theme dominates these models. By bringing all the main appliances required in a kitchen into one unit, it increases the compactness and also the mobility of the entire kitchen. Now, one would not have to worry about moving all those heavy and cumbersome culinary accoutrements. Cagnina Design looks promising for apartments, studios and even offices.

It wouldn’t be completely wrong to call these futuristic designs as a movable kitchen. With the right marketing, these babies should definitely become very popular with those customers who neither want the clutter of the kitchen nor have the space for it.

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