Luxury Car Brand Mercedes Benz Ventures Into Helicopter Manufacturing With The Introduction Of EC145 Luxury Helicopter

One of the most revered luxury automobile manufacturers in the word, Mercedes Benz is now ready to venture into the highly lucrative field of luxury helicopters, with the introduction of the new Mercedes Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter at the European Business Aviation Convention. The three sided Mercedes logo has always been interpreted as the company’s vision to conquer all three methods namely, land, air and the sea with its luxurious and exclusive line of vehicles, vessels and aircrafts.

The all new Mercedes Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter is the perfect blend of the company’s world renowned engineering and its immense experience in comfort and luxury interiors. This incredibly gorgeous and powerful twin engine turbine Eurocopter EC145 model has been designed and developed by Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio, that is also reportedly working on an all new prototype yacht. We can only imagine what a beauty that would turn out to be!

The Mercedes Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter has been given the best of the company’s most advanced technologies in cockpit design, avionics and a sophisticated electrical system, along with a hinge-less rotor system that combined with enhanced rotor blades, leads to a very quiet and nearly vibration free ride. This all new luxury helicopter can accommodate eight passengers and features a cool box, cup holder, table, 15-inch monitor and DVD player.

Via Gizmag

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