Sail Through The Past In Altair

Be it age old monuments, antiques, literature or more, pieces of history end up amusing us. They are beautiful and intriguing still carrying feel of the days gone by. The rage for owning a part of the past is growing day by day and the result is that people are ready to offer any kind of money for it. Though not all things are worth the money, there are some which surely do. Like Altair – the classic yacht created by William Fife. The famous Scottish boatyard who also built the renowned 22 metres long Eilean in 1936. In comparison to that at 41 metres Altair seems huge.

Built in 1931, Altair is the most beautifully restored pre war yachts in the world. It was originally commissioned by Captain H. MacCaw who wanted a sound, safe cruiser to reach the South Sea Islands. She was then owned by esteemed men like Viscount Runciman and British Member of Parliament before reaching the British Admiralty in World War 2. This high quality yacht has the most gorgeous and authentic interiors ever seen. The teak deck Altair is adorned with fine French polished walnut through the five cabin guest accommodations. The panelling, door furniture and bathroom fittings are all original, with just the nickel and chrome fittings replated in 2007. Proud of a considerable speed, striking interiors, attractive looks and a whole aura of history around it this exclusive piece of art is priced at just 7 million pounds. Yeah, unbelievable isn’t it?

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