New Kitchen Made The Old Way

In this fast paced world, we are not just leaving behind obsolete technologies, trends and lifestyle, but people too. Everything is aimed at the future generation, what about the old? Unable to keep up with the futuristic technologies they usually feel left. So here is something that is created keeping in mind the old, and the less tech savvy ones. Called “Back to Basique”, this kitchen system combines amenities of a modern kitchen with an old fashioned look. It boasts of latest technologies which make the cooking easier, but the aesthetics give the same comfortable feel of cooking in your old kitchen.

This unique kitchen system is loaded with features like, a spice pounder arm that makes pounding spices very simple. It also has spice storage bins equipped with sniffers. If a spice is losing its potency, the sniffer alerts by using different colours. Moreover its LCD screen is flush with the preparation table, providing a useful spot to jot down notes, and the solar steamer dries spices conveniently. The Back to Basique system also provides enough light, an intrinsic feature for the elderly who have a weaker vision.

Created by a team from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, this kitchen system ensures that you don’t exert yourself physically while preparing food. At the same time pounding fresh spices, sniffing them and following complex recipes provides the joy of cooking. A combination of past, present and future, it’s one of the very few products that appeals to our most experienced cooks at home.

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