Fine H2O: An Immaculate Boutique of Pristine Water

This is one of those rare initiatives which are lucrative and artistic. Naomi and Raymond Del Toro have brought forward the ‘fluid’ concept of selling water by opening up ‘Fine H20’. The one thing that you need to understand about this water boutique is, it doesn’t sell any “designer water” and the pristine water in the bottles is not artificially flavored, its ‘Au Naturale’!

It not only requires deep knowledge, but also needs profound interest in a particular subject to take it up as a thriving profession. Michael Mascha helped Naomi and Raymond Del Toro in developing an insight into the world of waters and helped them select the purest forms of water.

The duo claims that water has a certain character depending on its source, and the distinctness in its taste will make this business no less sophisticated than that of classic wines. As this service will be extended to restaurants and hotels, guests will be allowed to choose from a wide palette of different varieties of water, just like they used to do with wines.

The price will vary with different varieties of water, and having said that I must mention the varieties! You will have waters from the Tasmanian Rain, which according to them will compliment moist fish, sushi and salad, then on the other hand they have the Vichy Catalan, which will compliment heavy foods. After entering this boutique you will notice variety that you must have never seen before!

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