Bring Nature To Your Wall With Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium

Do you want to adorn the wall of your living room with something distinctly unique? Are you in a dilemma whether to buy a piece of art or a swanky Plasma Television with lifelike picture quality? Well now you can get it all, a magnificent piece of art and live beauty. Yes, with Aquavista Panoramic Wall aquarium. It is truly a breathing masterpiece, with the bounty of nature fixed on your wall.

Apart from being extremely beautiful, engaging and attractive, this aquarium takes care of itself and the fishes. That’s true, Aquavista Panoramic is self contained and comes with all the elements needed for a healthy fresh water tropical aquarium. It includes dual filtration, heater, air pump, lightning and most importantly, a programmable automatic feeder that nourishes your fish. Also, there is a side mounted LCD touch screen which lets you program date, time and all other essential functions. The pre wired carbon-dioxide generator inside the aquarium helps you turn the wall into an underwater ecosystem with live fish and plants without any hassle.

True to its name, the Aquavista Panoramic is a treat for your eyes and saves a lot of space too. Unlike other aquariums you don’t have to look for floor or shelf space for Aquavista. All you need to do is get it home, add fish and mount it on the wall. Once it’s up there, you can enjoy watching fishes and showing it off to friends without worrying about the maintenance.

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