Space Adventures Launches Affordable Orbital Tour Packages, Igniting Fierce Competition In Space Tourism

Space, the next frontier, a vast expanse of uncharted territory that has intrigued and mesmerized mankind for as long as we gained sentience. With the last few decades, we have witnessed humanity’s insatiable appetite to learn more about the skies above and explore this serene, yet somewhat hostile environment. As technology progressed and the global economy came to a rising threshold, even the skies couldn’t escape from the economics of demand and supply and thus leading to the advent of space tourism.

As well all know space tourism is the hobby and privilege of the rich and the famous and is a dream for the common man, which has been quite impossible to realize. But, not for long! Space Adventures, a space travel company has now announced an all new affordable package for a trip to the orbit and back. Carrying a price tag of $102,000 per trip, even though it might be out of the reach of many, yet, others who a have a little savings to spare can in fact realize their dreams of seeing stars in their own home. As per the package, the space tourists will be given a ride on a vertically launched vehicle, that as of now in under developmental stages under the watchful eyes of Armadillo Aerospace. Once launched, the launch vehicle will attain a maximum altitude of 62 miles or 327,360 feet, the engines will be shut down and the tourists will be given a total of 5 minutes for a zero gravity, 360 degree panoramic view of Earth.

This tour package from Space Adventure is exactly $100,000 less than the package offered by Virgin Galactic, that is offering a ride on its sub orbital cruiser for $200,000 a seat. As against the Cold War’s space domination race, for the 21st century, the space tourism race is on and as time progresses and more companies come into the ‘space economy’, the prices of such incredible vacations would hopefully only decrease.

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