Design Q Introduces State Of The Art Ultra Luxurious Concept For Avro Business Jet

One of the foremost names in design consultancy services, Design Q has now teamed up with BAE Systems, a name synonymous with the Avro Business Jet (ABJ) to create a whole new level of comfort and ultra luxurious interiors for the aircraft and its immensely rich occupants. The all new modifications to the ABJ calls for a patio like structure or an Air Deck to slide out from the rear of the aircraft, thereby enabling the passengers to have a good view of their surroundings first hand, while enjoying the luxurious comforts of their aircraft.

The Air Deck would be operated hydraulically and will be covered by the door, that would act as a roof. The door can be opened and closed as per the passengers’ liking and that too in various amounts, as the door will be fitted with hinges at the top. This all new upgrade will be created as a slide out option, that would come out of the fuselage of the aircraft and would be a perfect place to sit and have a cup of tea or cocktail, while on a private safari or on a secluded island.

Design Q and BAE systems have specifically conjured up this upgrade keeping in mind the need of exclusivity of the rich, who wish to accomplish things in a unique ways and prefer to travel in style and comfort. Apart from the patio like Air Deck, the Avro Business Jet will also include a sizeable lounge with curved sofas, along with fully equipped office workstation, that would located in the forward bulkhead of the aircraft.

According to Stewart Cordner (V.P, Avro Business Jets),

“These concepts elevate the ABJ to a new level of sophistication for the discerning customer. Together with Design Q we have blended the aircraft’s unique performance, fantastic interior space and the large rear opening door to create possibilities previously un-thought of.”

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  • What a stupid idea. A classic case of creativity being focussed in the wrong direction, or of money being squandered for the sake of it. Aircraft don’t go on safari’s. They land (and stay) in airports, or they fly. So a fantastic idea if you want to sit in comfort with a cocktail in hand watching the ground crew refeulling…

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