Weta legs make you feel like a fantasy creature from a sci fi movie

This is surely going to be a hit with the geeks. Weta Legs are a unique professional grade reverse leg stilt for creature and costume performances in movies, television, theatre, circus, street performances etc. Previously, they were used only for commercial films and television projects. Now it is available in the market for the public as well.

Due to being built with a very low profile, Weta Legs can easily be fitted to resemble any leg, from that of a canine or feline to any imaginary creature. They enable realistic and natural movement as they are jointed at the knee and the ankle. One can wear it for the whole day!

The legs are a product of the creativity and hard work of Washington based sculptor, Kim Graham in collaboration with the famous Weta Workshop of New Zealand. Each and every pair is manufactured by hand. Each set is made to order and is tested thoroughly to make sure that the quality of workmanship is top notch.

Weta Legs come in two sizes: Large (height 94 cm. and weight 11kg.) and Small (height 89cm and weight 8kg.). They are available for sale for $945 on their official site. It takes around six months for the delivery.

Via: Psfk , MentalFloss , Wetanz

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