Presenting The All New Acadalus. An Automated Self Adjusting Tripod For Your Camera

One of the most frustrating situations for a photographer is when he is lining up for the perfect shot, but the tripod mounting the camera is unleveled and thus your perfect shot doesn’t come true. However, now there is an incredible solution to this problem, in the form of the all new Acadalus CPS- H1 automated self adjusting tripod that adjust itself electronically, without any user input.

The all new Acadalus CPS H1 has been designed and developed by Dr. Carl Koch and is based on the principles applicable to flight simulators. This incredible automated device has a digital inclinometer, that provides it with angle information which in turn allows the device to level the tripod head automatically, within seconds. Apart from the self adjusting feature, Acadalus also comes with a side mounted keypad, through which photographers can fine tune the automated settings.

The Acadalus CPS H1 automated self adjusting tripod is available for purchase through the official website, with a huge price tag of $5,000, where in the users will also be charged a separate $500 for the battery and the charger. This awesome device has been the culmination of four years of hard work and will greatly benefit photographers in all fields.

According to Dr. Koch,

“This is for all those poor guys who have to run around with a tripod. With this head, all you have to do is press a button to level it. I searched the Web to buy one but I couldn’t find anything. And I remembered how we solved things in the good old Sinar days. You find capable people to help you build a solution.”

Via Wired

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