A la carte kitchen system ideal for those frequently on the move

A kitchen on the move! Sounds perfect for those times when you have to move. It also happens to be perfect for office interiors. A la carte kitchen is ideal for those who are always on the move. It provides us with various options when it comes to looks as well as construction.

It has four modules that can be modified to suit our requirements. It can also be adapted to any type of connection. We all shrivel up at the thought of packing those huge kitchen sets and equipments. Not anymore. The sturdy outer shells of the module can be put into transport containers in which the delicate wooden parts can be packed and transported without undergoing any damage. The cuts for handling also serve as a hidden access for the electrical appliances. The bisection of the rear cover removes the need for machining, even for water supply.

It has adjustable feet and a repository is provided with to fill the gap between two modules. It also comes with a chopping board, which can serve as a small dish rack as well. The kitchen garden can also be fit in. This compact module is truly amazing.

Via: LikeCool , Stadtnomaden

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