Want to go to the Komodo Islands? The Silolona yacht takes you there in style

Not my idea of the perfect holiday to be on an island with man eating dragons. But with a little bit of a royal treatment in the Silolona yacht makes you give it a second thought. Yes, the luxury yacht will allow you to travel in complete style to the remote Indonesian islands that the man-eating komodo dragons, locally known as Ora, call home. As compared to the other transport options which mostly include old rundown wooden boats who instead of the island will take you to an accidental underwater excursion, the yacht is like a dream boat.

The Silolona’ itinerary starts from Bali, going through the Java Sea and to various far-off islands including the one that are home to the reptiles. It also cruises areas including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. This yacht has been made to resemble the gaff-rigged schooners that plied the Spice Islands before the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century. It also happens to be hand-built by traditional boat builders in a mangrove swamp in southern Sulawesi.

Launched in 2004, Silolona is the result of American architect Patti Seery’s Indonesian culture inspired design and architecture. The yacht comes equipped with a 680hp turbo-diesel. Thanks to its ironwood and teak body built to German Lloyd specifications, it happens to be one of the sturdiest vessels to set sails

Silolona can accommodate about 10 guests in its comfortable staterooms. These lucky passengers will be able to go underwater to one of the world’s best dive sites in Eastern Indonesia. The yacht is available for private charter from £10,200 ($15,682) per day, including all meals, scuba diving, other water sports and transfers. Interested? Then visit www. silolona.com for further details.

Via: Telegraph

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