Now A Robot Can Make You Fitter.

After every meal do you check the calories, feel guilty and then forget about it. Or have as much as you want thinking you will start dieting tomorrow onwards. And well that tomorrow never comes. Or you list out a chart but find it too boring to follow.

Here is an interesting way to stick to what you promise yourself everyday. Yeah, there is someone dedicated to make you eating healthy, exercise, control your weight and so on. Autom. That’s what this super robot is called. A robot which can make you fitter, slimmer and healthier. Well it won’t beat you up to burn those extra calories but keep a track of your daily diet and exercise regime. You can talk to this 15-inch wonder using its LCD screen. It is your new age Diet Guru with a deceptively pleasing demeanour. Linked to the internet, it is designed to automatically keep track of calories and weight loss progress. All that with a cute face and batting eyelashes.

Autom is developed by Corry Kid, who is planning to launch it end of this year. The starting price would be $ 400, which is not much considering that Kidd has an expected target group of 80 million people in the states. It can well be successful with people looking for newer ways to lead a healthier life. In fact, as per the research conducted by Kidd,a robot helped people stick to their regimen for nearly twice as long as the other tracking methods.

Via news.cnet

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