Famous holiday destinations for the rich and the famous

When the rich and the famous plan their holiday, the cost is the last thing on their mind. The most popular destinations amongst the filthy rich are usually in Europe. That includes places like elite Costa Smeralda, fashionable St. Tropez, and the famous Cannes.

Though not very famous amongst the Americans, but for the elite gentry of Italy, Costa Smerelda is nothing less than the Hamptons. Located on the northern end of Sardinia, it was popularized by Aga Khan in the 60s. It looks like a colourful Mediterranean fishing village from a distance, but in reality it is the abode of much richer folks. Cala di Volpe luxury resort welcomes its millionaire guests coming in private Maybach or yacht. Even the nightclub here is called Billionaire! Rooms start at $200 per night.

St. Tropez needs no introduction. It is one of the most fashionable and popular vacation sites in France for the cream of the crop. For $1,000, you can have lunch at La Voile Rouge beach club, or a round of drinks for $750 at Le Quai Joseph. Though there is no dearth of hotels in St. Tropez, Hotel Byblos continues to be the favorite.

Cannes is another famous holiday destination, thanks to the Cannes Film Festival. Hotel Du Cap here is like heaven. It is frequented by guests like Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Donatella Versace.

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