Two-wheeled Hybrid Lexus Breeds Luxury

Time is gone when they day “It’s impossible to overdo luxury”. With Lexus electric bike luxury is at its altitude. Lexus, luxury vehicle from Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation was introduced in 1989. After being best in sales of luxury cars Lexus has entered into market of electric bicycles to give rivalry to other big names in the business.

For the first time Lexus has come up with electric bicycles. Sponsoring British bike ride in Britain, Lexus first unveiled this new concept in Britain following week. Every aspect of Lexus bicycle is an art in itself reflecting efforts to project luxury. With hub-mounted 240W electric motor front wheel and 25.9V Lithium-ion-battery it has eight-speed Shimano internal gear system and a carbon fiber frame.

As per Media, electric cars are also in production, with no mass-production of car to buy. But electric bikes with performance, range and retail prices are easily available to clutch.

If Environmental Transport Association (ETA) is to be believed, electric cars are easily superseded by bicycle as they are lightweight and not 100% battery dependent. Other advantage straight inline is that bikes can be parked indoor.  Adding to it we all know how much cycling helps us to keep body healthy.

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