New Faber Hoods For Modern Day Homemakers

What happens when a simple function of filtration meets the intricacies of art? A phenomenon is born, called the new collection of Faber Hoods. The words might sound too heavy and exaggerated but only till you check out the collection yourself. Designed specifically keeping in mind the care with which you adorn your house, these hoods are a piece of art. They marry modern design and revolutionary technology like never before.

Main features of these Faber hoods include neon or halogen lighting, dishwasher safe filters, filter saturation indicators, 3-speed blowers with intensive option, delayed automatic shutdown for up to 30 minutes, unique energy diffuser feature for higher efficiency and quiet performance, along with electronic controls. Phew!

These hoods are available under various categories, namely F-light generation, Hybrid generation, Egg Line, Slim Line and Perfect Geometry.

Flight Generation have seven models all of which are loaded with dual core technology and remarkable beauty. They are the best example of a useful present packed perfectly. These Faber chandelier hoods serve as cooker hoods as well as shining lamps. You can in fact use the features independently of each other.

Egg Line has Twist as the star product. It has the most unconventional design yet ensures a powerful performance.

Slim Line boasts of super sleek, gadget look alike hoods called Tekna Isola and Plania.

True to its name, Perfect Geometry has design marked by impeccable shape and alignment of panels.

Definitely these Faber Hoods are a smart choice for every modern day homemaker.

Via appliancist/faberspa

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  • we have had the faber hood system for several years. we enjoy the fact that the hood pulls the smoke/air/grease through the filters & out of the house. the filters get clogged with grease rapidly because they are completly horizontal. should we have the hood system professionally cleaned like a restaurant or is the grease build up only at the cooking level.

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