‘Anemone Barbie’: The latest Barbie avatar by Christian Louboutin

Oh how we all (all the girls at least) used to dream about getting the next Barbie that came out in the market. As time passes we part with those dolls but the memory stays. That is how Barbie has become an iconic creation that has remained so for decades. What dress should your favorite Barbie wear today and what shoe and hairstyle will match with it still remain the most pressing questions for a pre teen girl. It has to be the best.

Well apparently, the people at Barbie what her to be dressed in the best too! That is why they have collaborated with designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin to come up with stunning new Barbies in their stunning new shoes and dresses. They have released the Anemone Barbie, who personifies glamour in plastic. The third installment in the series of collectible limited edition dolls, the Barbie has shiny red hair and green eyes. She is decked up in a gorgeous green and purple dress, and little purple Anemone shoes to go with it.

Just in case you get bored with the same shoes, there are three more substitutes! The Barbie can also try on Madeleine mules, Lady Claude pumps and Spartenvol sandals, which come in their own tiny dust bags and storage boxes.

Via:  Net-a-Porter

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