Now carry your Apple iPad in a Louis Vuitton case!

Nobody will deny that the Apple iPad is the flavour of the season. It has become a status symbol for all its lucky owners. And what has Louis Vuitton been for the past n number of years? You guessed it right! A status symbol! Now the iPad owners are getting a chance to raise their social status to an all new high by combining these two brands.

Louis Vuitton has brought out an iPad case. It is minimal yet luxurious. Minimal cause it is a simple sleeve and luxurious cause it has the label’s signature monogram. The case almost magically makes the gadget feel extremely lightweight along with giving it the protection from damages due to scratches or bumps (God forbid!) Doing all this, it quite expectedly looks stylish and sleek (We could expect nothing less from Louis Vuitton)

But all those who have started lusting after this ultra-portable case will have to wait until 2011 when it will hit the stores. When it does, it will sure have a lot of prospective buyers. The Apple iPad has opened up several opportunities for other companies as well who can cash upon the excitement going on about the coveted gadget, and Louis Vuitton has grabbed the opportunity quite swiftly and will definitely gain from it.

Via: GQ Magazine , Louis Vuitton

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